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Chestnut Street Playhouse is currently run by a small core of dedicated volunteers who coordinate everything required to put our productions on their feet. If you would like to join us in our efforts of bringing high quality theatrical experiences that entertain audiences, educate students, and inspire industry professionals.



Responsible for helping guests find their seats during performances such as plays, cabarets, or other events.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Wear Black Shirt and Pants (or skirts)

  • 60 minutes before Show - Tidy/Prep Lobby and put out candles

  • Prep bathrooms and check supplies

  • Greet patrons upon entrance to the venue

  • Check Tickets and provide guidance to seats

  • Show patrons where to find exits, bathrooms, etc

  • Provide assistance to patrons with special needs.

  • After Show - Clean Lobby and Bathrooms and place debris in trash receptacles


Responsible for assisting guests with drinks, desserts, and other snacks.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Wear business casual

  • 90 minutes before Show - stock supplies

  • Set up the concessions station before the show

  • Make popcorn, pour drinks, and serve desserts Pre-Show and during Intermission

  • After Intermission, put away all food and drink, clean counters, stack dirty glasses and dishes.

  • Clean concessions station and place debris in trash receptacles

  • Provide assistance to patrons with special needs.

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