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Playwrights Festival

We are thrilled to announce Chestnut Street Playhouse’s Fourth Annual Local Playwrights Festival September 6-8, 2024. 

Derek Corriveau and Heather Oakley will serve as Co-Directors.


Playwrights of all ethnicities, gender identities, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and people with disabilities from Connecticut and Rhode Island are invited to submit.


Submission guidelines/requirements are as follows:


  • All scripts must be submitted April 15th until May 15th. 


  • Submissions will be limited to writers from Connecticut and Rhode Island communities.


  • One acts, children’s plays, and full-length plays (60-100 pages) will be accepted. Pages must be numbered. Submissions must be in standard playwriting format.


  • Include a character description page, including pertinent information for casting.


  • Please include a brief synopsis of your play.


  • All scripts must have the author’s name, address and contact information on the title page of the script including email address and cell number.


  • A short personal Bio should be submitted with the script.


  • ONLY ONE submission per category (one act, children’s play, full length) per writer will be accepted.


Submit your scripts to:

All submissions will be acknowledged.

If your play is chosen to present in the Festival:

  • Experienced directors will be provided for each playwright for the plays chosen. Directors and playwrights will have the opportunity to collaborate. Playwrights are encouraged to participate in the rehearsal process.

  • The plays will be presented as staged readings.

  • There will be a brief talkback session after each play with the writer, actors and director.

  • One of the plays chosen will be produced as part of CSP’s 2025 Season.


All proceeds from the Festival to benefit Chestnut Street Playhouse.

Auditions for actors will be scheduled once the committee has selected the 2024 works to be presented.


Thank you to all past participants who have made our Annual Festival such a success. We look forward to another opportunity to highlight and support local talent!  

2nd Annual Playwrights Festival 2022 




Cold by Ben Jolivet    

Any Other Day by Jake Alexander    

Pet Peeves by Mason Beiter

The Great Imitator by Scotty Duval    

The Betrayal a short play by Maureen Pollard

The Scrambled Stories a short play by Sophia Foss



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